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Saved by Susan

Saved by Susan

Professional help when you need it from an accredited independent contractor*

About me

     Working on a variety of projects gives me the advantage of avoiding the burn out that many people face in day to day jobs due to lack of challenges.  Managing projects that I enjoy on my own schedule keeps my work fresh.  With this freedom, I use the knowledge I have gained from experience and keep my skill set polished so that I am able to remain passionate about my work.

    My resumé predominantly reflects administrative, sales and writing experience but my skills are more expansive. My proficiency is not only a reflection of my experience but also from working in various industries with valued mentors. 

    Due to the recent Covid-19 Pandemic remote assistance has been 

in high demand. Scheduling and booking services may require a 10% advanced payment.

I look forward to saving you time and money,


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