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Be the Best Host or Guest when you "Party Hearty" this Holiday Season

The term “Party Hardy” originates from a misinterpretation of “Party Hearty” and though they are similar in meaning, the urban translation of “Party Hardy” is dominated by the ‘college rules’ of partying hard with alcohol whereas the “hearty” concept is focused on celebrating with loved ones. Today, both terms exist and it’s not impossible to achieve both while being safe.

It’s that time of year again, the season when everyone is throwing a party!

Parties are a great way for people to socialize and have fun. Whether you are hosting or attending a party, it is important to be safe. No one wants a party ruined by beligerent behavior, damaged property, or someone being injured. When you’re feeling festive, safety may be the last thing on your mind. We don’t want to rain on your parade with a list of things that can go wrong, so we’re sharing ways to ensure things go right!

For the Hosts with the Most

Careful planning of your party can help reduce the risk of problems occurring and ensure everyone has a great time. If anything goes wrong at the party, or even after the party, and you haven’t taken care to prevent this, you could be held liable. Follow these wise tips for hosting your event to have a well safe an lively soiree at your home this Holiday Season:

Set up

How a party is set up can influence your guests’ behavior and either assist or hinder security.

Do place food where people gather but keep the alcohol serving area small and away from crowded areas. Eating can slow the pace of drinking.

Do fill people up so they are less likely to drink, it slows down the process of getting drunk. Only serving alcoholic drinks on request and do not let anyone go around topping off alcoholic drinks.

Do consider having a person who is not drinking in charge of the bar area who can help control the amount of alcohol consumed.


Do provide activities such as a pool table, board games, dance music, karaoke and movies. This may keep people entertained and take the focus off drinking.

For the Best Guest

When going to a party, there are a number of things you can do to ensure that you and your friends have an enjoyable and safe time. Many require the safe and sensible consumption of alcohol. When too much alcohol is consumed, drunken behavior can spoil a party. Follow these sensible suggestions to be sure you get invited to all the festivities:


I know I don’t have to remind you not to consume alcohol and then get behind the wheel of a car, but I'm doing it anyway!

Don’t drink and drive, please!

Do organize a lift with a person who is not going to be drinking. Use Über or Lyft on your smart phone, have local cab service contact information stored in your cell phone, or see if the hosts have offered guests to stay overnight.

Don’t drive while overly tired. Even if you stay sober, when you party hearty or hardy you may be too tired to drive which can be just as dangerous!


Being a appealing guest depends on your behavior. Remember, excessive alcohol consumption effects your behavior. So, to avoid embarrassing yourself or other guests;

Do keep your alcohol consumption to a minimum by starting your evening with a non-alcoholic drink to quench your thirst before drinking alcohol and have a non-alcoholic drink every second or third drink to stay at a reasonable pace.

Don’t gulp down your drinks in situations where you feel the need to keep up the pace. Try drinking a low alcohol % drink or drink from a smaller glass.

Eat Well

Do eat before you arrive at the party as well as snacking between adult beverages. If you have a full stomach, alcohol will be absorbed more slowly.

Don’t eat too many salty snacks – they make you thirsty so you drink more.

Stay Active

Do play games, dance or talk to friends. If you have something to do, you tend to drink less. Be the social butterfly you know you can be!

Stay Smart

Do refuse a drink if you feel the need. It’s perfectly ok! Only you know your limits.

Don’t encourage others to drink when they refuse, you cannot know what they’re limits are either.

Other Things to Consider

Invitations: The type of guests invited will influence a range of decisions about the type of party. A children’s party will require different planning than a party for older teenagers, and a party aimed at adults will have different requirements from one aimed at families. For some parties, written invitations send a message that the party is for invited guests only. Including a request to RSVP can help with planning. If the party is for younger people, the invitation provides a first point of contact with other parents.

Food and Drink: Will you be supplying food and drinks, or is it BYO? If people will be drinking alcohol, make sure there is food and plenty of low-alcoholic, and non-alcohol alternatives. If you are preparing the food be sure to follow the rules for safe and healthy food preparation. Label foods that may effect food allergies such as “Brownies with Peanuts”.

Locations: Will people have to drive there? How many people can it capacitate comfortably? Is it an open space or are there gates and doors you can use to monitor who is coming and going? Think about how people will be getting home and who is driving. What if they are affected by alcohol or too tired to drive safely? You may need to have spare bedding available for guests who need to stay overnight or other arrangements to ensure guests can get home safely.

Security: You may wish to consider organizing security to help at the party. We also encourage you to register your party with your local police station or security service in gated communities. This ensures they already have all the information they need to know about the party in the event they need to be called for assistance.

I hope you are invited to all of the finest affairs you can handle this Holiday Season, or that you host the most fabulous shindig in town.

Wishing you only the best of times, Susan

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