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Spring into season with organization!

Many of us tend to forget recommended seasonal responsibilities, but often want to spring clean and get more organized this time of year. It's easy to overlook basic household items so reminders are always a great way to refresh your memory.

I recommend you print this list of tips and refer to it every three months to keep your home safe and happy in every season!

  • Verify that your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors are working and have new batteries.

  • Change any outside lights that have burned out.

  • Look around for anything broken -- and fix it or get rid of it!

  • Review all medications and discard anything that is out of date.

  • Verify that your fire extinguisher(s) is up to date and working; replace if necessary.

  • Prevent fires by removing any empty air fresheners that are used in electrical sockets.

  • Review your Family Escape Plan with all family members (including the furry ones)--- might be a good idea to practice it too. Include at least 2 ways to escape from each room and define a specific meeting place outside.

  • Update your first aid kit with any missing items. Be sure to have bandages, gloves, scissors, tweezers, antibiotic treatment, a cold pack, disposable bags, and a first aid manual.

  • Are there any trip hazards in your home? Move cables, electrical cords and similar items out of the way by placing them inside your walls, against your baseboards or under your carpet.

  • Check your home for mold (in and around your bathtubs, underneath your faucets, and your attic and basement) - if you locate mold, contact a professional service to have it removed.

  • Check your home for rodents or droppings (in cabinets, closets, attics and basements). Not only are rodents a burden, but their droppings can be toxic to the air you breathe.

  • Your air quality also depends on your furnace and air conditioning filters as well as the ducts that circulate the air throughout your home - be sure to check the condition of these important items and make necessary replacements.

  • Verify that all your computers have up-to-date anti-virus and identity theft protection software active.

  • If there are small children in your household, make sure all dangerous items (such as chemical cleaning supplies) are in child proof/locked cabinets.

  • Make sure windows are locked when not opened and when opened be sure a screen is in place to protect you from outdoor rodents from entering your home and to protect small children and animals from escaping

  • Also, if you use blinds on your windows did you know the cords can cause strangulation in small children and pets? Be sure the cords are tied and placed out of reach.

The National Safety Council reminds us to be certain you update your safety plan and make sure all

of your safety equipment is functioning seasonally. If you live in a place that is prone to natural disasters such as tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes and the like - be sure you have a full plan in place (including evacuation routes) before the hazard hits!

Here's to a safe, organized and happy home year round! Susan

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