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Getting Back into the Holidays: Seasonal Depression

Christmas Carols lead us to believe it's the most wonderful time of the year, but for many it's not.

Seasonal depression is a form of depression that is directly related to changes in seasons and winter is the most prevalent time people are affected. Depression is an illness and seasonal depression also is.

Many people suffer with depression year round, but those who suffer seasonally tend to be overlooked because many people do not believe it is real and it can be controlled. Seasonal triggers can spike feelings of loneliness or remorse in some. Depression is an illness and it's time we all address it as such. It's not something we can 'snap out of' or 'get over'. It is as real of an illness as diabetes or emotional disorders or even suffering migraines.

Please be sure to read my blog from last year's Holiday Season "Blue Christmas - Do's & Don't's"

to learn how you can identify and help the people you care about who may be suffering this Holiday Season.

Have a Blessed Holiday Season & Spread Peace and Joy,


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