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Understanding COVID-19

As we face this unprecedented time in our modern history, let’s put some important factors in perspective to keep us safe & sane during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

  • The very definition of pandemic is that it is an outbreak of a disease that has spread worldwide. An influenza pandemic, such as COVID-19, occurs when a new influenza virus emerges and spreads. At this time there has been no verified information on the root cause of COVID-19 but, as with all influenzas or viruses, we are aware of how they spread.

  • Your best plan of action is to avoid being a victim or spreader of COVID-19 by using simple precautions such as; avoiding crowds and crowded or enclosed spaces with people not in your household, washing your hands thoroughly and frequently especially after touching items shared with others (doorknobs for example), covering your nose & mouth with a surgical mask or cloth in the presence of others so that you are not breathing the same air as possible carriers.

  • Do not panic or live in fear but be sensible. Follow the science and research which will be ever changing because COVID-19 is a brand new/novel virus and it will take time to discover the best ways to prevent spread, medicate victims properly and more. So treat it as if it were a severe case of the flu you absolutely do not want to catch or spread.

  • Some people will be lucky and avoid falling ill while still being a carrier of the virus. At this point it appears to be highly contagious with some people being asymptomatic. So, respect the people you encounter by keeping a safe distance, covering your nose & mouth and keeping your hands clean to prevent spreading germs to them. Of course, this will benefit you just as much as them!

  • Unlike pandemics of the past that took millions of lives, we live in an age of great medical and scientific accomplishments. We can all rest assured that we will conquer COVID-19 in due time. In the meantime, it can be a scary experience but if we all practice safety precautions (even if they inconvenience us) we can work together to reach the other side of this faster and more knowledgable.

Also check your state and local government websites for updates specific to your geographic location and the websites for healthcare providers in your area.

Please stay safe, adapt and follow updates from valid sources of information to protect you and your loved ones as we make history together.


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